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AuthorSTREAM is a relatively new and very impressive service. Think "YouTube for slide shows." They do not have a monopoly on this claim—to some extent, all of the web services I discuss include social media sharing possibilities—but authorSTREAM sets itself apart in two regards:

  1. Their conversion can handle many slide animations, and perhaps more importantly…
  2. They will include the audio from PowerPoint narrations and from slide animations that include sound.

Have a look at the authorSTREAM conversion embedded below. I wasn't testing narrations with my demo, but note the animations:

All but one of the original animations comes through. The one that fails was 'extreme,' and it degrades gracefully.

Including audio right from the .ppt is a great advance over the competition. SlideShare offers Slidecasting as an ad hoc way to add audio to a SlideShare presentation, but it's considerably more involved: You need to create an .mp3 of your audio and 'sync' it to your slideshow. In a similarly complicated way, Zentation allows you to upload .ppt's and 'sync' them to a Google video (and audio) of yourself presenting the material. I think authorSTREAM's approach is the easiest, an it's probably the stablest, too.

AuthorSTREAM allows you do designate shows you upload as public or private. You can also share a number of shows with select indviduals. Public shows can be embedded on other web pages, as you can see above. Users rate shows, etc.

The weak points are these: