Kevin Wiliarty

Kevin Wiliarty

Academic Technology Coordinator for the Social Sciences

Exley Science Tower 551

Wesleyan University

Middletown, CT 06459


kwiliarty at

Wesleyan ITS

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pps shows

For very litte extra effort on your part, you can improve the browser's experience by converting your presentation from a .ppt file to a .pps file before uploading it to your web space or Blackboard. Just select the 'PowerPoint Show' format from a 'Save as...' in PowerPoint. Your show will open in a full screen and you could even set it to run automatically by playing with the slide timings in PowerPoint. A .pps download should be true to the original and easy to run. (Make sure to move any included media along with the main file!) A .pps download should also be a bit smaller than the corresponding .ppt.

On the other hand, .pps files are still easily (if slightly less easily) modifiable, and you will still be leaving files on other people's machines.

Click here to download and view a .pps version of the .ppt file from the previous page. Use the up and down cursor keys to move through the show. Press 'escape' to exit the show. (Note that uninitiated browsers might need instructions like these.)

For better security and cross-platform reliability, read on about .pdf downloads.