Kevin Wiliarty

Kevin Wiliarty

Academic Technology Coordinator for the Social Sciences

Exley Science Tower 551

Wesleyan University

Middletown, CT 06459


kwiliarty at

Wesleyan ITS

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One of the main advantages of a QuickTime .mov movie is that you can 'stream' it without giving browsers the ability to download the file. Streaming into a Blackboard can be a good approach for a presentation that includes protected content, but unless you're familiar with the ins and outs, you'll probably need to enlist some help.

Like .pdf files, .mov files require a 'player' for display. QuickTime is a popular plug-in for many browsers, but again you cannot count on ubiquity. And again, some individuals may not take the trouble to download the free player.

Also like .pdf files, you will need to have the software to create the .mov file. The option of saving as a 'movie' apparently comes for free in the Mac version of PowerPoint, but PC users will have some difficulty.

Movies 'play themsleves,' the resolution is decent, and many slide animations are preserved. On the other hand, some aspects of the coversion are more problematic than for the .pdf. In addition, there is no way to scroll down when the content runs off the screen. On the whole, I found the conversion glitches to be a deal breaker.

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