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Kevin Wiliarty

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Zoho also offers an interesting compromise between the privacy of PowerPoint's native HTML conversion tools and the smooth interface of a public Zoho conversion: the Zoho export to HTML.

Once you have uploaded a show to Zoho, you will have the option of exporting it to HTML. Exporting will create an HTML file and an attendant folder of images, JavaScripts, etc. You can put the file and its folder wherever you like, and there is no need to make your uploaded show available to the world. You can even delete your show from Zoho; the files you have exported stand alone.

The quality of an exported show is lower than with a straight-up Zoho show, but it is still better, in my opinion, than PowerPoint's own coversions to HTML, where you might even lose content. The process of creating Zoho HTML is also somewhat roundabout. If you want to add the show to a course Blackboard, then even after uploading to Zoho and exporting to HTML, you will still need to zip the exported files and upload them to Blackboard where they can be 'opened as a package.' The process is the same here as for the built-in HTML conversions.

Click here to view a locally stored HTML version of my Zoho show. You'll need to click the "Start" button to launch the show, which will then open in a new window.